The BRRWD aims to fulfill the following goals/objectives:       

  • Reduce or alleviate damage caused by floodwaters;
  • Administer and maintain the drainage systems;
  • Develop programs and projects that will help to sustain and adequate supply of high quality surface and groundwater for public and private use;
  • Protect and/or improve the water quality of the surface and groundwater resources;
  • cooperate and support viable projects that have the purpose of reducing erosion;
  • Actively pursue a program of erosion control and sedimentation management within all ditch systems;
  • Promote the maintenance of biotic diversity;
  • Incorporate recreational opportunities into District projects whenever feasible;
  • Maximize the potential cooperative opportunities available with all governmental levels;
  • Endeavor to keep all residents informed of its duties, authorities, activities, and projects; and
  • Endeavor to inform and educate residents about water and soil resource issues and the importance of protecting these crucial resources.