BRRWD Approves Pay Requests

The Board of Managers, Buffalo-Red River Watershed District (BRRWD), held their regular meeting on 11/12/19 at 7:00 PM in Barnesville. They approved pay requests for two of the BRRWD’s 2019 construction projects. Dennis Drewes, Inc. submitted Pay Request No. 4 in the amount of $295,700.80 for their work to date on Project No. 78, Clay/Wilkin Judicial Ditch (J.D.) No. 1-Outlet. Drewes is still working on the J.D. No. 1 project, despite the early winter weather. Sellin Brothers, Inc. submitted Pay Request No. 10 in the amount of $41,108.87 for their work to date on Project No. 79, Wolverton Creek Restoration. Work on the Wolverton Creek project has stopped for the winter. Due to the wet conditions this fall, both contractors will request contract extensions from the BRRWD until next summer to allow for site clean-up and seeding.

Other business included:

  • Reviewed the BRRWD’s monthly financial statements, including the project account balance sheet, administrative disbursements, summary of income, and accounts receivable. Cash on hand is $2,856,880.18. Administrative disbursements this month equal $29,247.22, and for the year, total $287,475.67. Accounts Receivable currently total $4,487,447. Total income this year is $4,646,657.90. Income received since the 10/15/19 meeting totaled $140,456.58, including property/ditch tax proceeds from Otter Tail County ($8,162.31) and Wilkin County ($66,217.83), and State Market Value Agricultural Credits ($8,151.16). Other income came from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) National Water Quality Initiative Phase 1 funding for the Whiskey Creek Enhancement project in Wilkin County ($39,000). The remainder of the income came from Midwest Bank for October interest ($5,981.68), Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) for their monthly office rent ($225) and a $5.00 insurance refund. The Board approved the payment of bills totaling $496,858.96. 

  • Discussed the status of several ongoing miscellaneous investigations/complaints. 

  • Discussed the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) Reinvest In Minnesota (RIM) easement acquisition process with John Voz, BWSR RIM Easement Specialist, for 10.3 acres in Section 10, Wolverton Township, Wilkin County, associated with the Wolverton Creek Restoration project. 

  • Discussed a landowner request for a buyout of a building site along the J.D. No. 1 in the SE¼, Section 26, Holy Cross Township, Clay County, associated with the outlet improvement project. 

  • Approved repairs for a 4 to 5 mile stretch of the downstream end of Clay County Ditch (C.D.) No. 40 channel, starting upstream of Trunk Highway No. 75 and ending just upstream of 40th ST in Section 26, Kurtz Township. The repair is estimated to cost between $40,000 to $50,000. 

  • Noted that States Borders Construction, Inc., has been unable to work on the ditch outlet portion of the Wilkin/Otter Tail J.D. No. 2 project because of the recent above normal rainfall. The contractor will be asked to submit a contract extension request prior to the 11/25/19 meeting for the Board to consider. 

  • Discussed a possible upgrade for the Audio-Visual system in the BRRWD Boardroom. 

  • Noted that the BRRWD will be publishing a Request for Proposals in the area newspapers for 2020 accounting, legal, and engineering services.

  • Authorized HEI to work with agency partners to prepare a NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program funding application for work on Clay C.D. No. 34/Whisky Creek near Barnesville for submission in July 2020. 

  • Approved a proposal from Richard Seidel to repair the office asphalt parking lot next summer for $1,500 with a 50% down payment of $750. He offered a 10% discount on the second half payment if the Board entered into a contract for his services before December 20, 2019.

  • Appointed Managers John Hanson and Mark Anderson to be delegates to the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts annual meeting in December. Manager Van Amburg was appointed to be the alternate delegate. 

The Board of Managers, BRRWD, will hold their next regular meeting on Monday, November 25, 2019, at 7:00 PM in the BRRWD Office, located at 1303 4th AVE NE, Barnesville, MN. All meetings are open to the public. For more information about the BRRWD, please visit our website at