BRRWD Holds 2021 Annual Meeting

On January 11, 2021, the Board of Managers, Buffalo-Red River Watershed District (BRRWD), held their annual meeting at 7:00 PM in Barnesville.  The Board cast a unanimous ballot to reelect the current officers to serve another term in 2021:  Peter V. Fjestad, President, Otter Tail County; Catherine L. Affield, Vice President, Wilkin County; Troy E. Larson, Treasurer, Wilkin County; and John E. Hanson, Secretary, Becker County.  BRRWD Lobbyist Joel Carlson’s 2-year contract was approved for $850/month ($10,200/year) ending December 31, 2022.  Barnesville Midwest Bank was appointed as the official 2021 BRRWD depository.  The two-year consultant contracts with Houston Engineering, Inc. and Vogel Law Firm will expire next year on 12/31/21. 

Other Business included: 

  • Approved the 12/31/20 annual financial reports. Cash on hand at the end of the year was $2,866,650.69.  The Board also approved the current 1/11/21 financial reports.  Income since 1/1/21 was $50,657.91.  Cash on hand was $2,917,308.60, and the 2021 Accounts Receivable totals $10,881,269. 

  • Approved permit to Richard Scheffler to install 190 acres of pattern tiling in the SW¼ and SE¼, Section 24, Atherton Township, Wilkin County, outletting via gravity to Deerhorn Creek in the southwest corner of the section, subject to our standard tiling disclaimer, with the condition that the contractor coordinate with the BRRWD during the installation of the tile outlet through the Deerhorn Creek project levee.

  • Voted to deny a request from the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts (MAWD) for the BRRWD to seek an opinion from the Attorney General to determine if the Clay County Board of Commissioners followed the correct process when they removed a former BRRWD Manager.

  • Agreed to continue to act as the fiscal/administrative agent for the 1W1P implementation phase. Manager Paul Krabbenhoft was appointed to serve as the BRRWD One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) Policy Committee alternate. President Peter Fjestad is the primary 1W1P Policy Committee member.

  • Received a plaque from MAWD in recognition of the BRRWD’s 60th Watershed District Anniversary.

  • Noted that a special Board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, January 25, 2021, at 5:30 PM to discuss office staff transition.

  • Approved upgrades for the BRRWD office network server and infrastructure.

  • Noted that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources issued a public waters work permit for the Whiskey Creek Enhancement project in Wilkin County. A Conditional Use Permit from the Wilkin County Board of Commissioners should be the last potential permit needed before project construction can start later this year. 

  • Authorized the acquisition of temporary agricultural land easements ($250/acre) for the Upper South Branch of the Buffalo River Restoration in Wilkin County, upstream (east) of Trunk Highway No. 9.

The Board of Managers, BRRWD, will hold a special meeting to consider office staff transition on January 25, 2021, at 5:30 PM prior to their regular meeting at 7:00 PM in the BRRWD office, located at 1303 4th AVE NE, Barnesville, MN.  Due to the COVID-19 emergency, our meetings are conducted online in accordance with Minnesota Statutes Annotated, Section 13D.021.  The conference line phone number is 1-701-404-1699.  Conference ID: 365 708 012#.  If you wish to visit the BRRWD office in person, be aware that masks and social distancing are required.  More information will be posted on the BRRWD’s website prior to the meeting at