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The permit system, adopted in 1979, is used to enforce the BRRWD’s “Rules and Regulations“. Permits are required for a wide variety of construction activities that affect the water resources of the District. Permit applications are acted on at the BRRWD bi-monthly Board meetings. If you have questions about our permit application process, please feel free to contact us.  If you have problems using the online permit suite, please contact the BRRWD office (218-354-7710) for help before attempting to start a new application.

Once the online permit application is filled out and submitted, applicants will receive an email that has a web link that applicants can use to check the status of their permit. To apply online, click on the button below.   To submit documentation, including maps, plans, Downstream Landowner Notification forms, please scan as a PDF document and email the files to


Please include a signed copy of the “Downstream Landowner Notification” form with your permit application if your project will discharge across or along a downstream property before reaching a significant outlet. Including the Downstream Landowner Notification form with your neighbor’s signature with your application and project plans will help expedite review of your project.  Processing your permit application may be delayed if the Board feels notification of the downstream landowner is needed prior to permit approval.

Alternatively, you can Download the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District Permit Application here. (PDF format) Print the form, fill it out, and sign it. To submit the application, you can mail the hard copy to the BRRWD, fax it to our office, or scan as a PDF document and email the file to us at the email address above.

List of agencies that may also require a permit

  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • US Fish and Wildlife
  • US Army Corp of Engineers
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service (for Federal Farm Program Participants)
  • Wetland Conservation Act Contacts
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: MS4 Regulations, Stormwater and Construction Permits 800-646-6247
  • Gopher One Call (for buried cable) 800-252-1166