Water Action Week in BRRWD

On the Record for Water Action in the BRRWD

Barnesville, MN – Governor Dayton has declared April 18-22, 2016, Water Action Week in Minnesota. This week is dedicated to encouraging Minnesotans to begin the important work of establishing an ethic of clean water practices.  Throughout the week, state agencies will be promoting practices and work being done to restore and protect Minnesota’s water.

For the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District (BRRWD), responsibly managing our water resources is a priority. The BRRWD has a local water management plan that uses both sound science and local knowledge to develop priorities that reflect our water issues.

The plan’s top priorities are:  flood plain management; flood damage reduction, rate of runoff, volume of runoff; legal drainage systems; water quality; wetlands; natural resources and recreation; ground water; erosion and sediment control; education; and long-range work planning and financing.

Minnesota’s many waters are a part of our identity.  From the water we drink, to the rivers, lakes, and streams we fish and swim and boat in, water is an economic and recreational driver.  It’s so important to Minnesotans that in 2008 we approved the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment and dedicated funding to its preservation.  Since the Amendment was passed by Minnesota voters in November 2008, more than $112 million has been invested in “on-the-ground” projects.  Citizens and local governments have installed more than 4,100 conservation practices to improve the quality in the state’s lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

Are you looking for ways you can help protect our local water resources?  The BRRWD can help.  Contact us at 218-354-7710, stop by the office at 1303 4th AVE NE, Barnesville, MN, or visit us on the web at www.brrwd.org.