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Web GIS Application, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) provides a variety of services to 2.7 million people living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, metropolitan area. One service provided is to survey and control mosquitoes, deer ticks, and biting gnats. The MMCD currently monitors and treats over 70,000 larval breeding sites. They needed a tool to help them provide the location and treatment history of these sites to their internal staff and public.

In 2006, HEI developed a Web GIS application to assist in the operations and management of the larval sites. Two web applications were developed giving the public and internal staff access to the site information. Users are able to search for a site by zooming to an address, going directly to a site ID, or navigating the map. Users can also select sites for more information on type, visits, and treatment history. Internal users can see additional information like limited access, foreman responsibility, and rainfall totals.

The application has been very popular since its launch and has been featured on several news channels in the Twin Cities. In July of 2007 the MMCD contracted with HEI to migrate their web applications to a new GeoMOOSE web interface.


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