Rules & Regulations

The Board of Managers adopted their revised Rules on July 8, 2019. 
Click here to view the updated BRRWD Rules.

 A BRRWD permit is required for the following:

  • Construction of an artificial drainageways across a subwatershed into another watershed;
  • Install, alter, or construct any subsurface tile drainage system;
  • Diversion of water into a legal drainage system from lands not assessed for the drainage system;
  • Works or alterations of any legal drainage system under the jurisdiction of the Board of Managers;
  • Drainage of any wetland;
  • Construction, removal, or abandonment of a reservoir having a surface area of five acres or more;
  • Construction of a bridge or placement of a culvert on any natural or legal drainage system;
  • Change in the bed, banks, or shores of natural drainageways, lakes, or wetlands;
  • Placement of obstructions or disposal of wastes directly or indirectly into a natural or legal drainage system;
  • Excavation, grading, or filling of, or near, any natural or legal drainage system;
  • All water uses other than domestic use; domestic use is limited to sources serving twenty-five of fewer people;
  • Crossing of natural drainageways or established legal drainage systems by pipelines or underground utilities lines.

The Board considers all applications for permits at their regular monthly meetings. Any one contemplating any of the work described above is urged to contact our office for further information. No fee is required.  Go To Permit Application