Project No. 80, Stony Creek WRMP

Stony Creek Water Resource Management Project

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Stony Creek WRMP Project Concept Plan

Proposer: Buffalo-Red River Watershed District


The project area is located approximately 5 miles to the northwest of Barnesville, MN and is located on Clay County Ditch No. 31 (also known as Stony Creek). The watershed is steep and flashy and has a drainage area of 35 square miles. The project is in the BRRWD’s Central Planning Region. The project is currently in its study phase. The project consists of numerous features: 4.5-mile-long river corridor restoration enclosed by setback levees, a floodwater impoundment and expansion of buffers along Stony Creek and its tributaries. The proposed 7,000 acre-feet of gated storage will provide more than 80% in reduction to the peak flow contributed by Stony Creek. Reductions to peak flows downstream on the South Branch Buffalo River are expected to be around 5%. 

Project Benefits       

Flood Control Goal:    

  • 80%+ reduction in 10-yr & 100-yr spring flood discharges from contributing drainage area

Habitat Restoration:

  • Reduced turbidity, enhanced fish habitat, stream restoration along Stony Creek and riparian buffer corridor.

Erosion Reduction:

  • Reduction in riverbank erosion and bank sloughing; buffering (89 acres) along the stream restoration reach, reduction of overland flooding and reduction in turbidity and suspended solids thereby improving water quality. 

Project Cost: $15 Million    

Status: In Design Phase/Land Acquisition in 2019, Ready for Construction in 2020 

Funding Sources:
State DNR ($7.50M) / WD ($7.00M) / USDA ($0.50M)

Key: WD=Watershed District; DNR=Minnesota DNR HMGP