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Stinking Lake Detention

The Stinking Lake project was established by Order as Project No. 16 by the BRRWD Board of Managers on June 27, 1990, and was constructed in 1990. This project established 5,159 acre-feet of flood storage to the Hay Creek Watershed. The Stinking Lake Detention project was paid for with local funds from the BRRWD along with funding partnerships through the Red River Watershed Management Board, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.


Board of Managers requested Houston Engineering, Inc., Fargo, ND, develop a water management district for the Hay Creek Watershed on June 13, 2022. Houston Engineering, Inc submitted the Hay Creek Watershed Water Management District Charge Determination to BRRWD Board of Managers on April 27, 2023 and it was approved on May 8, 2023.


A Public Hearing was held on July 10, 2023. BRRWD Board of Managers approved the Order to establish the Hay Creek Water Management District for the Stinking Lake Project on July 10, 2023.

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