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Glyndon East Tributary

The Glyndon East Tributary is a tributary to the Buffalo River located in Clay County, MN. The stream is one of many natural waterways within the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District (BRRWD) political boundary. Much of the East Tributary is a DNR-designated Public Water. The Glyndon East Tributary subwatershed is approximately 9.5 square miles in area and extends southeast of Glyndon, MN, into Section 21 of Riverton Township, and empties into the Buffalo River north of Glyndon, MN in Section 35 of Moland Township.

The Project Goals & Objectives:

  • Improve channel conveyance, for agricultural drainage and lagoon discharge from the City of Glyndon, by the removal of excess sediment and improving undersized culverts within the Glyndon East Tributary

  • Improve water quality by reducing sediment and nutrient loadings to the creek

  • Restore conveyance through the historical meanders

  • Improve wildlife habitat along the stream corridor

  • Create a funding mechanism, such as a Water Management District, to be used for project implementation and maintenance


The overall goal of the Glyndon East Tributary Restoration Project is to improve the channel conveyance by removing excess sediment, restoring conveyance through the historical meanders, and improving the overall drainage of the current system. In addition, the goal will be to provide and foster stable stream conditions. A stable stream is defined by the MN DNR as a stream that can convey both its water and sediment load while maintaining its general geometric characteristics, including pattern, profile, and dimension. A stable stream neither aggrades nor degrades over time, but instead balances between the processes of erosion and deposition in a way that does not widen or narrow the channel.  

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