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In 2006, the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District received a  Board of Water and Soil  Resources Challenge Grant  (BWSR) to convert their legal ditch records into a digital GIS format.  The purpose of the project was to both inventory the existing legal ditch records and to convert them into a consistent format to make it easier to update the information in the future.

The project has been completed and now the public can access the products of this project in the form of printable maps.  Each legal ditch system has a PDF map of the ditch alignment and benefit area that can be accessed by clicking on the link, which refers to the date of the current Viewers’ Report.  The maps can be printed or saved from the links below.  The ditch and benefit area GIS data can also be viewed through the BRRWD MapMaker Application.

Disclaimer: The BRRWD does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the data.  The data is meant for reference purposes only and should not be used for official decisions.  The data contained in the maps were compiled from the best available records that could be found and are likely not free from errors.  If you feel the data shown on the maps are not accurate, please contact the BRRWD so we can review and resolve the errors if necessary.

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